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A few things...

Hey Girls!!!

So I had such an awesome weekend in Miami! My FI's Cousin who is one of my BMs got married and it was just so amazing. so much fun and everything was so elegant and gorgeous!!! She was a Colonnade bride so if any of you would like to see photos, let me know. 

Anyway, other than that, I got a few checks!!! And I'm so excited about them I wanna share!

1. Invitations - I found my invitations for the wedding at Gifts & Romantic Weddings at the Miami Merchandise Mart.  Although I haven't received even my first proof, my experience with them so far was amazing.  Guillermo and his daughter helped me for over 3 hours and I looked at each of their books and they got the exact idea of what I was looking for ... and finally I found them! The perfect simple/elegant invitations for a bride who dreams of letterpress but can't afford it!

2. Shoes - as many of you know, I was on a massive search for blush pink shoes!!! I had always wanted blue shoes until I started seeing way too many royal blue shoes at so many wedding AND I got my dress.  It just didn't go and i couldn't find any navy blue shoes I liked.  Finally, I decided to get 2 pairs!!! The navy ones will be the shoes I use for the ceremony and my first dances.  Then when I get tired (because those are kind of tall) I will switch to a soft pink pair that is more comfy but still beautiful.  I really couldn't decide between the two pairs and my FMIL had given me some money to buy myself something for me to wear at either the wedding or my honeymoon so I decided to use the money for these.

3.  So As many of you also know I've been going crazy over the BM dresses.  While I haven't made a final decision I have narrowed down to just two options.  I decided I will take my BMs to see both and let them decide!

4. Earrings - My FI's family has some heirloom earrings in the family that are to die for.  The bride wore them this weekend and they were stunning! I will be wearing them too!

5. My mom has started an arts & crafts project in her home.  She bought flipflips for the ladies to kick off their heels when their feet are tired on the dance floor.  Then she bought ribbons and had been adding decorative details to all the flip flops!

6. So I met Ubi (who I had already hired for DJing) and saw his lighting work.  Coincidently, he was also the DJ at the wedding but FI's cousin and I hadn't ever dicussed DJs for some odd reason! He was AWESOME! Had everyone dancing the entire time till they kicked us out of the Rotunda at 2 am! SO excited to be able to speak with him.

7. I had a trial with Crystal Cadahia for makeup for my BMs.  She was so sweet and did a really good job.  I felt I was missing SOMETHING - I wanted more of a glow factor.  But honestly, I was running so late I didn't have time to be specific.  Happy to share pics of this too if you'd like!

OK, I think that's it.  I'm sooooo excited with so many checks in just a few busy busy days. Sorry this ended up being so long. Thank you all for letting me share and I'm open to any and all comments and recommendations.  I'll be posting pics in bio soon !!!

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