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hello, ladies!

i've been MIA from the boards for the past few weeks, but i'm back and ready to rock in full force!  whew, what a crazy, busy time it's been...working my tooshie off to pay for wedding related things, squeezing in visits to out of town family, planning, planning, and MORE planning :) i'm happy to say that things finally feel like they are back to normal- as normal as they can be!- and i've SO missed reading all of your posts and sharing in your excitement!

i would love to share with all of you some BIG checks that we've made in the past weeks:

1. WE BOOKED OUR PHOTOGRAPHER, Stephanie Sokol!! she is so super awesome, and such a talent. we couldn't be more excited to have her photograph our special day....she will kick it off by shooting our e-pics on july 7th! woohoo!

2. I FOUND MY DRESS!! after looking in Orlando and thinking i was IN LOVE with one that i found there, i pushed my South Florida shopping trip up to the very next weekend just to "make sure".  well let me tell you, i'm so, so, SO glad i didn't end up putting down the deposit on the one in Orlando-as i realized that that one was just the best that i tried on THAT DAY- mine was right here next to me all along! i must have tried on about 20 dresses, and she was the LAST ONE i put on...and didn't want to take off...EVER...lol...i seriously must have stood there in my dress for an hour! so, the deposit goes down on her this week.  double woohoo!! stay tuned...pics to come...as i will REALLY be hard at work on a bio (and trying to figure out how Brett won't find it!) :)

anyway, i doubt i'll be able to catch up on every post, but let me please just say:

AND, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"...for all of your help thus far.  i wouldn't have found Stephanie without your recommendations, nor would i have known what to expect/do throughout the dress shopping process!
as always, you all are the BESTEST.

Hollie :)

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