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Wedding Planner? Pricing?

Hi Ladies,

  Your help is needed again! So I am feeling overwhelmed with my wedding planning and I think I need to bite the bullet and hire an event planner. The problem is I have a very tight budget. Would any of you ladies mind sharing with me some quotes you received? How much do DOC's charge typically? And what about full event planning, like handling everything from beginning to end?


Re: Wedding Planner? Pricing?

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    When is your wedding? Kelly
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    Danielle Pearson is the BEST DOC. I believe she was between $400-600 in 2011. Danielle has a Facebook page- search "Danielle Pearson Events". I'm no help with full planning. I'd think $800+ but hopefully someone could give you a better estimate!

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    I recommend Anna from Alore Event Frim 650 and up worth every penny for DOC. has done several of my coworkers and doing my full planning. www.eventsbyalore.com :)
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    I am using Danielle Pearson and I think I paid 5 something a while back... A full planner is $1000+ but Danielle helps out with any questions even if you only hire her for DOC! HTH :)
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    My DOC is a friend that plans tons of nonprofit events. He hasn't ever worked with weddings besides mine but he's been fantastic! His name is Aaron Gougis. He's very affordable, just PM if you're interested.
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