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Beach BBQ spots near Miami/South Beach?

FI and I really want to have some kind of casual farewell beach BBQ near Miami/South Beach the day after the wedding. Just would love to hang out with everyone at the beach before everyone starts heading back home. Most of our OOT guests will be staying in South Beach so we're trying to find a good spot around there. Do you girls know of any good spots where we could do this in that area? Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Beach BBQ spots near Miami/South Beach?

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    The only place I know about is at the park up on 82nd street or across the Mccarthur pkwy on Bayshore. I wanted to do the same thing but didn't find anything in South Beach. Good luck :/
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    Thanks Laura!  Ugh, its not easy to find a spot like this in South Beach.  We're considering North Shore Park since it has BBQ grills there and a pavillion.  Have you ever been there?  Do you think it would be too far or inconvenient for OOT guests to get to?
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    I dont know where all of your guests are staying but if it is far I don't know it it is a great idea. They would have to take a bus, or a cab to get there. It's not ghetto but I dont think the grills are on the beach. And I have seen homeless people using the showers there to wash off.. but I have also seen that by 5th street! 
    This bus goes all along south beach so it is more convientent and cheap!
    I would maybe try to get some cold food to do something at South Pointe or just have everyone go to the beach and not worry about cooking. I think you will stress yourself out more trying to get food and get up there to go grill it. And you may have to get there early to make sure you get a grill.
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    John U Lloyd is in Dania just north of Hollywood. Its really nice, if this isnt too far.
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    There's is a really cook large indoor/outdoor tiki bar near the Double Tree in Sunny Isles... I stayed at the hotel a few months ago and went there everyday for lunch & cocktails.  I'm not sure of the name but if you call the hotel they can guide you in the right direction...
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