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Had a fabulous day!!! (Long)

So I work in Coral Gables and decided to walk over to Bellisima Bridal...which is where they sell the gown that I am in LOVE with but have no put a deposit yet.
I tell the sales associate that I am still interested in the dress but want to know if they can do something about the price. She does not really give me an answer and immediately tries to convince me that there is another dress from the same designer that is very similar but less expensive.

I didn't want to make her feel bad so I tried it on...but it just didn't say anything special to me. So then I try on THE DRESS and ask her if there is anything they can do and she said no. 

So then...I pulled out my secret weapon!!! LOL
Last week I contacted the other store closest to me that sells this designers dresses via email. The store is in Delray Beach which I think is a little far when I have Miracle Mile 3 blocks away from my office. I told her that the store would sell me the same style in the same fabric for almost $300 less.
Long story short...she asked me to fax her the email when I got back to my office. I did and...they honored the lower price!!!

I know $300 may really not be a big deal and I have never done anything like this in my life so it really made my day. The worst thing they could've told me was no. Chances are I would have gone with the dress...but just to know I would be paying too much would just eat me up inside.

So moral of the story ladies...shop around and get some comparisons in writing. Chance are that vendors will in fact match the lower price!!!

Also I met with a photographer this evening (Candidly Elegant) and I really love his work. I was very happy with what I saw.

VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY...thanks for hearing me out ladies! Smile

Re: Had a fabulous day!!! (Long)

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