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Photographer Reco--Maja Hoffner

Hi there:

I am wondering if anyone is using/has used Maja Hoffner photography.  Feedback??


Re: Photographer Reco--Maja Hoffner

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    I've never heard of her. Her photos are really nice though!
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    I agree!  I'm planning from out of state, so always nice to get feedback from those who may have a personal experience.  Thanks! :)

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    I'm also planning from NYC, this long distance planning is annoying! I contacted her; her pictures are beautiful. We ended up deciding not to meet with her, but while I was investigating her, I noticed she's worked as a second shooter with some really well-reviewed photographers. Since she has/had no reviews, I read the feedback for companies that she's worked with. While those companies were out of my budget, they get great reviews and it made me feel a little bit better about her- if that makes sense. I know she wasn't with those companies at every wedding, but I figured if they have good reputations, they're not going to mess it up by bringing a second shooter that's not at their level. 
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