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Hacker in my wedding registry!

So...I went onto my Bed Bath and Beyond bridal registry to add something..

I'm scrolling down the lists...(yes, I stalked it)....

came to a section LUGGAGE...
and there is a rolling duffel bag on the list...and it was FUFILLED!

I 200% never registered for a duffel bag...didn't even know BBB has duffel bags...

so not only is there an imposter item on my list...but someone bought it!!!

WTF?!?!  How weird is that?!?!

its funny, weird and annoying all at once!

Re: Hacker in my wedding registry!

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    RachAisleRachAisle member
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    Yikes! I'll have to check mine...
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    ohh no! good thing there are returns if you dont like it
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    That happened to me.  Basically, someone bought it for you and when they scanned the registry at the register, it registered it.   It probably says, requested 0, instead of 1.
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    Sford is right.  It can also mean that they bought it for themselves when they bought your gift but the cashier scanned the registry for it.
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