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Be very afraid..

of contracting BRIDE BRAIN. Seriously, i have lists everywhere and I cant find them anywhere, and im sure i keep forgetting things. I feel like I have nothing planned, kind like how you feel when you first start planning. So overwhelmed. Yesterday at my moms, after knowing where the cups were for 25 years, i had to open every cabinet to find them, REALLY?!?!? I think i would take the nightmares over this any day.Tongue out

Re: Be very afraid..

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    Beth! AHHHH! I know exactly what you're talking about. If my head was not attached to my body, I don't know what I'd do!! Between wedding planning and house hunting, my mind doesn't know which way to go! I have lists on every sheet of paper! It's almost here though!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting :)
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    haha same thing happened to me like a month or so ago!
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    That happened to me luckily only 2 weeks before! But definitely BEWARE!!!
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    I've had it for the past week... I spent hours trying to organize/research wedding stuff this weekend, but I kept jumping around so much that it feels like I accomplished nothing.

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    This is happening to me!!! I keep trying to talk and I mix up my words and get all tongue tied. My FI is like WTH is wrong with you!? I'm like I got bride brain!!!!! I've got so many toughts in my head. LOL
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    Oh noooo!!! I am not looking forward to this...
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    i def can not focus...my mind is split it like 3 right now..and im moving this weekend so i feel totally out of it!
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    ahhhh I thought this would go away the closer i got to the end..ehhh...how can i possibly get anymore distracted? lol i live breathe and dream wedding related stuff..this stuff is addicting and overwhelming at the same time..lol
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