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Help me please!  I am out of state, but having the wedding in Ft. Lauderdale.  I am not going to be down there until the week before the wedding, hardly enough time to scout, book, and trial run salons.  I have no one down there I can ask around for a hair and make up stylist.   I am on a budget, but the FH is the one pushing for a stylist and telling me to quite being miserly.  I supose I can splurge just a little.  I know I will have at least one of my bridesmaids also getting services. 

I am white, with long, layered hair....if that helps narrow down the choices.  They do not have to be onsite, I can go to them.

Re: Stylist HELP Ft. Lauderdale area

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    nuspotlightnuspotlight member
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    I know a salon in Boyton beach they do GREAT work!
    Its called Pashion Salon # is 561-738-0101
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    ARedheadBrideARedheadBride member
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    Thank you, Nu

    I might go to stylist around here and take pictures.  Maybe it will be more efficient for the stylist in FL if they have somehting to go by using my own hair.

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