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Check! My something blue :)

A little background: my grandpa and I were really close in my early childhood, and when he died it was a huge shock for me. Since Craig proposed my biggest heartache has been realizing grandpa's not going to be there to see me walk to the altar.

Talking with Craig about this issue helped me realize that grandpa is always watching over me, and he'll be with me on my special day. That's why I wanted to carry a locket charm with his picture.

I found this on Etsy:

And I thought it was perfect. My grandpa always tried to distract me with a "blue bird" by the window when I cried as a child, so bluejays have always been a "Everything is going to be okay" reminder.

One one side of the locket, I'll put his picture, and on the other one, one of his favourite Bible verses (I have to decide still!).

Anyway, so the bluejay is my something blue :)

Thanks for letting me share, as this is very close to my heart

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