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we found them!

Hi ladies,

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! <3
Wanted to share that FI and I went to look for our wedding bands on sunday and found them! I'm so excited.

Today we spent the day with his family as it marks the 6th year anniversary since his grandfather passed away...his grandmother called us aside and said she wanted to pay for my wedding band so that everytime I look at my hand I think of her. I was so touched.  I love her so much. All of my grandparents have been deceased for a really long time and she really is like a grandmother to me. We told her we can't let her spend all that money and she said I need to understand how much she loves me and how happy she is I'm part of the family. So we went back to Jareds to place the special order, and it was as if his grandfather was with us since we placed the order of his anniversary....I'm so grateful and it means alot to me since I actually met my FI about a year after his grandfather passed away. The ring won't only represent our lifetime commitment to each other, with it I will always know his grandparents are with me. 

I'm also giving my deposit for my florist this weekend. Can't wait to get that off my chest lol

Thanks for letting me share.
love you all

Re: we found them!

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