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Checks! and PIP! long :x

Ok girls... I have been a busy bee lately!

Finalized all BM dresses and they are all ordered! That was a task but so happy its done and my girls will look beautiful!

Also hired Justine with Fabulous Fetes (http://www.fabulousfetesblog.com/2007/09/welcome-to-fabulous-ftes-new-blog.html)... I hired her to do all my paper except for invitations as those are being gifted to me... I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE her! Everything she has shown me has been EXACTLY what I have wanted and she has been so responsive to EVERYTHING. I can't say enough great things about her! I told her one night what I wanted and I woke up to two emails with examples she put together... amazing! After being ignored by a vendor for paper, having her respond so quickly was much needed. I have my design for the menus, flip flop tags, and bridal shower signs and tags completed. This process has really made it all real and brought together my ideas.

I have also done a bunch of random little things here and there for the bridal shower as my mom knows I am picky and want my hands in there lol. I am not hosting it but she knows me well. I did take charge of the favors and will be providing that and they are 1/2 completed.

And lastly, remember my dress photos? I needed a crystal belt to add to it bc I didn't like it without any bling and I need to get rid of some flowers. Lets just say the one that the bridal shop showed me was about 1/4 my dress cost so I said heck no to that! But I found a beautiful one at Rex fabrics!

So here is the original super expensive one...

And here is my $200 less, beauty... The picture doesn't do it justice but I LOVE it :)

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Re: Checks! and PIP! long :x

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