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Help with Florist!! Sorry been MIA for a while

Hey ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while and I know a lot of you may not know me. I've just been busy with planning and the holidays. Anyways, I'm getting close to the wedding and I am planning on doing most of the flowers myself with the help of my mom and family. My moms huge hobby is flowers and we recently did both my sisters wedding flowers which were awesome. My problem is that the ceremony might be a little too much for us to do. I was wondering if anyone knew of a florist who would do the ceremony decorations and flowers for somewhat inexpensive since I'm on a tight budget...?? TIA!! Hope everyone's planning is going well!!

Re: Help with Florist!! Sorry been MIA for a while

  • I loved my florist who I got from my planner but she does outside weddings too..
  • Rose with Dream Makers in Boynton Beach!

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  • You need to contact Rose from Dreamakers in Boynton Beach. She's an absolute GODSEND! 
    She's been in the business for over 30 years and knows what she's talking about and goes through everything step by step, not leaving out any details! She knew our budget from the get go and stayed within it all along. 
    I've had a few of my friends use her and the arrangements and detailing were absolutely gorgeous! :)
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  • Must be a Florist thing my florist was amazing too. Jmorgan flowers. She was willing to work with you on price. 
  • Thanks so much for your suggestions ladies.. I will look into some of them.

    lgrn22- What was the name of your florist?
  • Hi there... Field of Flowers in Davie is my florist... I was original WAY over budget- I went back to Brittany and told her what I was wanting to be around and she did it. I am now under my budget and you cannot tell.. My opinion its all about what look you are going for. I am Extremely simple and was going WAY overboard, thus the high price.
    Question to you---- Does your venue have a preferred vendor?
  • Hi Kelly,

    My venue does have a preffered vendor which I have looked into and have researced.. some of them are way out of my price range and some had pretty bad reviews. I'm just looking for someone to do the ceremony. I wanted just fabric and 2 sets of flowers to hang on the chairs for the aisle and the altar would be provided and I wanted fabric and some simple flowers on the corners on top and on the bottom, as well as fabric draped on the altar.. The problem i'm having is some florists have a minimum to spend and others won't do JUST the ceremony..
  • How about Vivian Colls?
  • I tried contacting vivian colls through email and phone and never heard back from her. :-( same with natinel designs..
  • Highly reccomend Field of Flowers. We discussed what I wanted and as she started adding up the total she slashed prices on a few things so we'd be at my budget. They also give a discount for booking within a certian number of days, which brought me in under budget.
  • I messaged field of flowers so we will see what happens!! I hope they can help me. Do any of you ladies know the number to field of flowers that I can call them direct or is it just the 800 number?
  • (954) 680-6888   Hope that helps!
  • Try Terra Flowers in Miami.  They are really nice and helpul with budget
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