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Our priest is invited, and attending our reception. In our "wedding preparation" booklet, it is recommmended that he is tipped $100. Since he is coming to the reception, should we still tip the $100? Would $50 be appropriate? Should we give him a non-monetary gift since we are pretty close with him? He is really wonderful and I don't want him not get what he deserves. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    daphnessdaphness member
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    This is tough. Since you are close to him, I would just give him the $100. I dont know, I would probably just do that so I dont have to deal with it.
    But i see what you mean by, should you give him money if he is coming to the reception....lol
    You know, maybe he doesnt even accept it, if he feels that way too. I wouldnt if I was him, but you never know.
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    I'm also close to my Pastor, and we're inviting him to the reception. Craig and I were thinking of writing a special thank you card, he wouldn't take money at all, in my case it'd be a bit insulting. It'd be like tipping my MOH, you know? A giftcard should do.
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    shetmoshetmo member
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    i like the giftcard idea
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