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Hi Ladies,
I am sorry if this is on here and I missed it, but I need some flower advice. I have puchased my vases and I know the style I want for the centerpieces and all I need will be the flowers. I am considering doing them myself to save $$ (but a florist would do all the bouquets and bouts, etc.). My dilemma is that I would have to assemble all the centerpieces the day before and would they be fresh by the following evening because I don't have frisge space that would hold all 16 centerpieces? Is this worth the trouble? I have a friend offering to be DOC, but is delivering these and putting all these out too much to ask?


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    I plan to do my own flower...I have done flowers before for events and they will be fine for 2 or 3 days... try to buy the flowers really fresh and not bloomed (they will open up as they sit) ...if its roses and they are closed putting then in warm water and letting them sit will make them open up really nice by the next day...putting some ice in the water will keep them closed up tighter but they will last longer so you can do them 2 days out (no fridge of course just keep the a/c on pretty cold).... you can always ask the florist you buy the flowers from for care instructions because different flowers are differnt..try looking for wholesale flower shops in your area....  :) GL!
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    Hi! I did the DIY flowers and it was really inexpensive. My wedding wa son Saturday morning and I picked up the flowers from the florist on Thursday night and then my aunts put them together that night. I had her do the bouts, bouquets, and corsages cuz I could definitely not do that! lol My flowers lasted and they were not put in the fridge, they actually take a few days to open so it was perfect for my wedding day.

    The only thing was that my aunt was supposed to drop off my flowers on Friday night (the night before the wedding) and she had car trouble so didn't end up delivering them until 1 hour before my ceremony. And then she left a few of the vases in the car by an accident. :( I'm so grateful for her help though, but see if your venue allows for you to drop off the flowers very early on the day of your wedding and see if your friend or someone else can deliver them.

    My florist was super great, her name is Yuly and her number is 786-260-8719 and her shop's address is 4658 NW 69th Ave, Miami, FL (near the Miami International Airport) in case you need a reference! Her prices were amazing and I was so happy to have found her out of the blue.

    HTH! :)
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    thank you guys so much! this renews my confidence. I will definitly contact her for pricing. There was another company JR flowers (or something like that) featured on a David Tutera episode. They are out of Miami and their prices are pretty decent too.
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