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Now that I Have Lynette's Blessing - Lol

Here We Go Again...

I need knottie help! And as far as I can tell, there are no other knotties in this contest, so help a knottie win!

Please help Ralph and I win this contest in order to win a free photo shoot. We will use this for our E - Pics (we currently won't be doing any).

All you have to do is the following:
1) Please go to the Browntography FB page and LIKE the page:

2) Go to the photos and click on the 2011 Valentine's Day Contest

3) Click on our picture (picture #2 - Stephanie & Ralph), and LIKE the picture. While comments are welcomed, they do not count, you must LIKE the picture.

Please, please, please help us win this. Every freebie helps, and so far, I've gotten none. Lol. Please also spread the word and have your friends and fam. vote for us as well. You can get the word out by joining the event page I created:

Thank you so much in advance for the support!

Re: Now that I Have Lynette's Blessing - Lol

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