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Makeup Trial and other PIPs

So this last week has been full of Checks, therefore I come bearing pictures lol!
Besides finalizing transportation, I also had a trial with Claudia on Saturday and ended up booking her. I didn't give her much direction besides that I don't like crazy or bright colors. She ended up doing my eyes exactly the colors that I had been thinking of so I guess it was fate :)

I also found my shoes .. actually my mom found them for me. I wanted cute shoes but still needed them to be comfortable and I couldn't have too high of a heel or else I'd end up taking them off after an hour or so. Got these from Rackroom shoes and they are perfect! (You can't really tell from the pick but they are actually a muted gold color.)

I also found a cute dress for our RD and since Rackroom Shoes has BOGO deals, I figured I might as well get a pair of shoes for this dress as well :)

Lastly, my mom bought my veil which is soooo pretty. But, I'm still waiting on her to email me the pic she took so I can't post that one yet sorry lol
Thanks for letting me share!

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Re: Makeup Trial and other PIPs

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