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You're wedding ideas and theme is so different! I can't wait until you get married to see it all come together, assuming there will be photos. I've never seen anything like it. It should be awesome!

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    awww, thanks! we're really excited, although it's a lot of DIY we're taking on. We have Ashley Colhouer booked for our wedding, so there will be some fabulous photos ;) I wish I was rich so everyone on TK could come! 
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    Agreed!!! Your STDs are freakin' to die FOR!
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    aww tess :) Thanks! I'm really excited about them.
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    ::butting in:: 

    Everytime I see a barn-ish style wedding in blogs I totally think of you... If I had your email I would be sending you links all day...  
    Michelle & Julio
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    aww haha you guys are so sweet. 

    michelle - feel free to email me! 

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