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im having issues on finding somebody to do airbrush on just me because i already have somebody booked for my girls i just want my makeup to be different and i know i def want airbrush makeup i love the look of it! i wanted lindsey london that i found on here she offered everything i wanted plus some and the price was right but sheisnt available on my date:(any suggestions

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    Not sure what area you're looking in exactly but I had my airbrush makeup done at Ladies and Gentlemen at Legacy Village (they also have a location out east in like Mentor or Willoughby or something, I think). They did a really nice job and my makeup stayed on all day and all night without looking faded or greasy!
  • did they come to you or did you have to go to them?and are they super pricey like over 100?
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    [QUOTE]did they come to you or did you have to go to them?and are they super pricey like over 100?
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    I went there, and I don't think it was over $100 but I can't really remember because I also had my hair done there and I just paid for everything at once. I think it would be a little difficult (but not impossible!) for an airbrush makeup artist to travel to you because they do need to use a pretty big kit.
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