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Single Digits and some checks!

I finally made it to single digits! Can't believe it! In just 9 days (well technically 8 since it's midnight now!), that I will be married. I did not have the best of days though. I was on my way to our apartment to drop off a box and I looked down at my ring and I noticed that one of my diamonds was missing! I have no clue what happened to it. I know it was there earlier when I was at work and I totally would have noticed if I lost it there. I was hysterical! (I am way too emotional) Luckily, when FI purchased it, he got insurance and they are going to fix it and it will be ready by Tuesday! So excited! :) And today was my last day of work before the wedding. I can finally just focus on that and get stuff done, because I still have a long list! :)

Some other not so interesting checks! ;)
-We finally finished adding items to our registry.
-Seating chart is done! I am working on the place cards now.
-Did my second hair trial yesterday and I LOVE it.
-Got some items for the OOT bags and kid's bags.

Thanks for letting me share! :)
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