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Now what am I gonna do?

Hi All,
  My DF and I got engaged on out 4yr anniversary,2-27-10, and decedied we were gonna get married on 8/27/11.Then we started looking into cost of wedding and said wow.We both agreed we were gonna wait becasue money is tight enough as it is never mind planning a wedding.On 8-27-10 my DF said to me, a yr from now we will be getting married.Of course I flipped out b/c I thought we were waiting but then the more we talked about it the more we decedied we want to get married on 8-27-10.Now to try and save we're gonna have a small cermony somewhere then a big reception, not a formal one either.We'd be happy if the cermony was done at the courthouse but we want our immediate families, parents and siblings, with us and since we come from large families I dk if all of us can fit into courthouse or if we're even allowed to have that many ppl.To give u an idea from my side it would be my 2 moms,I was adopted,my son,my 5 brothers and one sister in law,my aunt and uncle,and my cousin and her husband.That would be JUST my immediate family.Thats 13 ppl just for me.Now my DF boss can and has agreed to marry us so we don't have to use the courthouse but being august when don't want an outisde cermony b/c it'll be too freakin hot.So is there any brides out there planning a wedding like me? I hope so.Thanks for reading


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    You can probably find a place for both reception and ceremony.  Maybe even having both in the same room.  Because you are getting married in the summer you could really negotiate.  Where do you want the venue to be (miami,  ft lauderdale, ets)?
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    I know this isnt like what you are doing but maybe it will spark some ideas for you. my best friend cant afford a wedding so instead she is having an engagement party with closet friends and fam at her aunts house (big yard) then they are going to Bora Bora and getting married their privately in a ceremony alone. 

    this i think is a great idea, but only if you are ok with not being married in front of your family.
    good luck
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    I want the venue to be in fort lauderdale area and b/c it'll be august it's either gonna be extremely hot or raining. That would be awesome if we could do both in the same room even.I would also like to get the food from there if possible so maybe like a banquet hall? I really don't know where/how to look.

    My family and his would definatly flip if we didn't get married with them and it's wrong to say but I want to make sure his family sees us get married because they are so whole heartedly againest it.
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    Hello! Welcome!...im a budget bride so here are some things I recommend:

    1. Make a total head count and figure out what a realistic budget would be for you...this would help big time in finding a place that is affordable.

    2. Do you have any family members or friends that would have a large home or a country club where they live that you could use? this is always the cheapest way to go...

    3. If you can have a day wedding (morning/ afternoon) places are ALOT cheaper at this time and you can get Friday prices. Or you dont mind changing the date by one day you can do it on a Friday or Sunday and save a lot of money as well.

    So I do not live in Ft Lauderdale so I can not help you much with locations but I hope I helped a little...if you have any questions you can email me evelynandmanny @ gmail.com
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