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Itty bitty mini check and a quick question

I spotted and purchased these bracelets in Macys a couple weeks ago on sale for $3.50! I was so excited because they are black onyx and exactly what I was looking for for mother/grandmother corsages. FI thought I was nuts and my bff didn't share in my excitement either lol so I thought I would share with you girls ;) Below is one of them (I actually bought 6) and what I/ my future florist plan to do with it. Thanks for letting me share!

The other thing I'm thinking is that I purchased the wrong amount! There is my mom, stepmom, my grandmother, FMIL, and FI's grandmother = 5 corsages. The issue: FI's grandfather and my grandfather both remarried years ago. FI says not to worry about either one of them. Naturally, I would give a corsage to my grandfathers wife because she has been around for as long as I can remember. I don't want it to upset our grandmothers but I also wouldn't want to exclude anyone either! Is there some kid of etiquette on this? TIA!

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