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Last Post as a Miss!!! (probably long)

Well I can't believe it's here. I'll be running around the next 2 days and probably won't see a computer, so I decided to post now. I keep thinking everything is too good to be true. You all have made my dream of having a wedding into reality. <3

I was reffered to TK by this girl at work, that I actually can't stand, but I will forever be thankful that she told me about it. She actually told me about TTT,  but somehow I found my way here and I quickly began asking questions. I am the first one of my friends and family to have a wedding, so I had TONS of questions. All the girls here were super nice and supportive, that it was easy to become addicted. The help and support you all gave was more than my BM's ever gave me throughout the entire process, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping out a stranger. I will forever have you guys in my memories and wish this group of selfless ladies a lifetime of happiness with your prince charming.

After having experienced this whole planning process, I think a wedding really tests the bond between you and FI and your friends and family. Be warned, you will not always like what you see, but every now and then, the most unexpected person steps up for you. The wedding unfortunately will be the source of MANY drama's with your friends, family and maybe even FI. But at the end of the day always remember that you are doing this to celebrate the love you have for your soul mate. Sometimes we get lost in all the small details, and we want the latest trend in wedding, but please remember all that's not going to matter, all those things don't make a wedding, much less a marriage.

Love each other, cherish every moment of it, be content with what you have. It's never too early to start anything, just make sure it's something you won't change your mind about later. Do your research, shop around and always pay attention to your female intuition, trust me it will always steer you right.

A couple shutouts....

To Steph (twinkle): I am so grateful God put you in my path, thanks to you I was able to have the wedding dress of my dreams without it costing me an arm and a leg. When I was at Reina's I looked through the dresses to see if there was anything I liked, since I did so little dress shopping. But no dress ever compared to the one I got from you. If I had to pick again, it will be that one. I'm still amazed by it.
And I can't waitfor your day to be here already!!!

Mrs. Sisak: I have never met a more beautiful person. But you're beauty is the kind that won't wear out with time because it comes from deep within (wow so corny!) If it weren't for you I would have never known about the free contest with Taken Photography and I would have had to cut back on a lot of things to have just a decent photographer. Again I thank God that you were placed in my path.

Danielle: I am so happy and excited for your new business. You have a heart of gold and that will take you very far. Thank you for all your help and your concern.

Well ladies...Be smart, be safe, have fun! I will miss you guys, you have no idea how much you all mean to me. I wish I would have had the chance to meet you all.

"Revenge is Mine, says the Lord" practice this thought when someone has treated you unkindly and unfairly. =)

I'll be back with reviews and items to sell.
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Re: Last Post as a Miss!!! (probably long)

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