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Another check

Been very busy with wedding things these couple days off I have had.
We just got home from our food tasting. Everything was AMAZING!! We are both so full!!
Finally finished the wedding website!
Booked our block of hotel rooms!!
Also we have been working very hard on finishing our invitations which we are doing ourselves. Almost finished printing everything and then we start addressing..
My question is can we print the addresses on the envelopes or do they have to be handwrittien? I have a problem writing straight...Undecided
Thanks for letting me share!
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Re: Another check

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    Congrats on your checks!!! I was going to do my invitations on clear labels, it's easier to print

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    Awesome checks!!

    I'd do the clear labels as well!

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    i actually printed all the addresses on the envelopes at home ... we did our own invitations also ... i have my guest list in an excel spreadsheet and luckily my fi is a computer geek and knows how to make the excel spreadsheet into printing envelopes ... took us like 5 mins to print all of them
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    Congrats on the check! I say use clear labels too!
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