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Reception length


Went to a friend's wedding last night, and it gave me something to comment about on here. 

Ladies, I know we all want a spectacular night to remember, but why, oh why, do some couples insist on the longest weddings ever.

yesterday's wedding had an hour and a half ceremony - which is bad enough, but then a six hour reception. 

I had offered to stay to the end to help gather gifts and get the bride & groom off at the end of the night, and boy, do I regret that!

Her reception was from 7pm until 1am. WAY too long. Most of the guests left by 11. Before they cut the cake. It was a sad little group of maybe fifteen people for the last two hours. Literally a hundred pieces of cake were wasted because so few people were left. 

My suggestion for those of you in the planning stages - four hour reception, MAX.  And if your ceremony is going to be an hour or more, cut the reception time down.

We were there from 4:30 until after 1 am. It was dreadful.

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