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Hi everyone,
  I heard the LUXE photographers split up..does anyone know how to get in touch with the photographers that left? I believe one of the people's names is Andy? I would like to speak with either of them for my wedding?

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    Also, the image defined is on facebook. I'm using Jonathan
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    I love all three photog's work. Ricardo (the owner) shot my e-pics (check out siggy) and thrilled was an understatement about how I felt about them. He's shooting my wedding in two weeks and I cannot wait. If you want to see more of our e-pics on his blog, they are the Morgan & Mike entry. You will have to scroll down a little bit because he's been super busy lately. I cannot recommend that man enough. Email me at pinkshoesgal @ gmail.com if you have any questions.

    P.S. Andy and Jonothan are super talented too :)
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    Andy shot my wedding, did Danielle's (citytoshore) wedding and is Doing Jillians in a few weeks.

    He and Jonathan are now with The Image Definied.

    Ricardo is still with lux...

    They are all really good.

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    From what I've seen the three are immensely talented. You're in good hands either way!
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