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Updates, Suggestion & Warnings to New Brides =) LONG!!!!

Well I had a meeting on Monday with my caterer and it went great! We finalized every little detail so now she and I have a concrete view of the day. At the end we met up with the EC of the venue and she threw of what could be a curve ball...

I asked her if for some reason the weather does not cooperate if we could rent out the terrace (which is connected to other parts I rented), which is really nice, all 10 tables will fit nicely everything won't be "crammed," it overlooks the lake and you can hear the water fall from the fountain. The venue EC says its fine, that in actuality we can use the space regardless because there will be no other event and it will be free of charge!!! My heart fell to the pit  of my stomach, this has the potential to be good news, but for the last 2 hours we planned according to the space I had. What to do now?!?! Like I said it's nice, but here are the issues.... like my caterer pointed out, setting up the tables in the terrace takes away from intimicy because the tables are aligned in a row. Also, the dancing and dj are at the opposite end of everything. Another thing is we planned on using the same chairs for the ceremony and reception so again since they will be on opposite ends, it will require more work and look a little more awkward. Perhaps the ONLY good thing is that the tables won't be there seen during the ceremony (which I was decorating simple to avoid distractions. What I was thinking of doing with the space is put the bar there and some high tables and make it more like a mingling station before and after the wedding. What do you think?

What else, what else?!?!?! OH the warning! I'm sure you've heard this but in case.... guests suck with RSVP!!! I don't get it!!! You're spending all this money, in part for you because it's your day, but also for your guests to show them how much you appreciate them being there. ALL they have to do is check yes or no and how many people. Since I knew this was going to happen I sent my invites about 2 months earlier than suggested. Due date is Saturday and I've only gotten 2 responses over the mail. Which BTW one of them put 1 more person than the reserved amount! W/e I didn't stress it, all I know is guest better bring a gift too (lol)! I let it slide because they are coming from Tampa. I got a few online. But the majority have been through phone. Overall I have 43 coming to a 102 wedding. I am not stressed because I sent them out early and we have more than enough time. But just wanted to throw that for all the newbies.
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Re: Updates, Suggestion & Warnings to New Brides =) LONG!!!!

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    Steph, don't worry! Everything will turn out just beautifully! No matter where you set things up, at the end of the day nobody will remember that.

    And about the R.S.V.P.'s.... I can hunt them down for you and threaten them Wink
    Seriously, people have no tact these days. I hope it all works out.
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    Argh...RSVP suck.

    My suggestion to new brides- take lots of pictures with your FI. I just made a photo book for the guest book and it was way HARD because we don't take pictures that often. :(
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