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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Who watched this show? OMG is all I can say. I'm so intrigued and so disgusted all at the same time. The average age for these girls to get married is 16 & engaged at 14. It's so funny because they have such high morals. No sex or drinking before marriage yet they let their girls walk around dressed as hookers. It's very interesting!!

Re: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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    I was watching it too.   It's VERY interesting.  Apparently, they have the highest birth rates AND mortality rates.
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    Dang it! I missed it :( Do they have an encore of the first episode??
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    Whoa, how did I miss this show?! What channel is it on?

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    I saw part of an episode.  All I can say is WOW.  
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    What channel? I want to see this!
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    on TLC
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    I watched it and it was ridiculous - those little girls dancing before the wedding in those outfits! I was thinking the girl on the show was super young but I guess she was above average for them which is so scary - I can't image if I married my boyfriend from when I was 15 - such a hot mess that would have been. 

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    If I'm not mistaken the new episodes are supposed to air on Sunday nights on TLC. They do keep replaying them all the time. I think there is currently only two episodes right now. They will be re-playing it on June 3rd. Yeah it's over the top crazyness!!! These girls have dresses that way almost as much as they do. This one 7 yr old had a gown made for her 1st communion and the dress alone was 70lbs.

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    I totally agree with being intrigued and disgusted at the same time.  Can anyone tell me where the older men were?  The only males I saw were the young ones getting married.  Do they have a ritual where they eat their husband on their child's 5th birthday?  That's my theory at least.


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