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Been a lil' while..but I'm back up and running!

Hi all,

I've been out for a few weeks now, had some NWR things to deal with, that kinda knocked me off the wedding planning wagon. I finally am mostly moved in to my new apartment - whew! was/is that a pain. Still have a few minor things that need to find their place in my new home, but the big stuff is done and the old apartment is empty.

On a WR note - I've started a collection of old vintage Florida postcards that I plan on using as my STD's and possibly considering them as RSVP's as well to help cut costs, but thats not decided yet. I've also started emailing caterers for some more info, and I've begun my search for my wedding dress. Those are the 3 major things I am working on for the month of May.

I am still looking for recommendations on a caterer in the Broward county area - so if any of you ladies have any suggestions please let me know. So far I have emailed John the Baker and Dominion Catering. If any of you has any experience with these two caterers that you would like to share that would be awesome.

Oooh - another thing I've been working on is making flowers out of lace, ribbon, tulle. I'm pretty excited about this. I've bought a ton of material and I plan on throwing some stuff together, I'll be sure to share pics once I have some done. I've done a couple samples out of some old fabric I had hanging around the house, that came out pretty decent, so I'm sure I can get it right now that I have the stuff to start with. I'm thinking of possibly making my bouquet out of them.

On another note, I was really hoping to meet some of you at the GTG this weekend, but unfortunately I still have some loose ends to tie up which should all be done by next week. I can't wait to meet you ladies, I'll be sure to make the next one! That's it for now...didn't mean for this to be so long.

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Re: Been a lil' while..but I'm back up and running!

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