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I live in NJ and am currently down here in Florida visiting through Thursday.  This will probably be the last time I'm here before our wedding in April.  I am trying to get so much done, including my hair and makeup trial.  I love Lutz Karpf's work, but he is moving and cannot fit me in for a trial run.  I have looked at his reviews online (3) and the most common complaint is that the girls' hairstyles did not hold.  I'm wondering if anyone else knows how he is with hair.  I am already very nervous committing to someone without a trial.

I have also found another artist, Aradia with Bridal Makeovers.  Has anyone heard of this company?

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Re: Lutz Karpf

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    I've hired him for the day of and I think he's fabulous. It really depends on your hair... when he did my trial it held pretty well, but I also had extensions in. Just remember, you're gonna be dancing and running around and no matter what, your hair WILL fall. If you're afraid of it falling too soon, then make sure he puts product in before he starts and uses plenty of hair spray.
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    i am not using him but i have heard nothing but great things about him and everyone on here who has used him has looked great! I agree if your hairs going to fall it will no matter who does it....if ur doing an up do it will be better then curls if ur worried about it going limp...but if not use lots of hairspray and make sure u have some with u to spray on when you can... :)
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    I did a trial with him at like 11am...my hair started falling down (slightly) at like 8pm
    and he even says he spends double the time on the day of,

    Hes good, but id just be scared to book someone w/o a meeting, trial, etc
    good luck
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    I've heard good things about him, but I don't think I could commit to someone without first having a trial.
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    Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Knotties who've had their hair and makeup done by Lutz?
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