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Stores with wedding shoes?

Hi everyone! 

My dress muslin (sp?) is supposed to arrive at the end of the month and I'll need my wedding shoes by then to get the length sizing right!  I've been looking online at shoes and there are of course some great ones but I'd rather just shop for them in person so I can actually feel the material, see the height, etc.  I'm a huge online shopper but for some reason I'm not so much when it comes to the shoes ;)

Anyone know of any good bridal stoes that have a good shoe selection in the Miami area?  I know Miracle Mile is like "bridal store row" but any of the stores there in particular or anywhere else have a good shoe selection?

Doesnt have to be a bridal store either, I just figure they'd have the largest selection of shoes in whites/ivory ...

Thanks!! xoxo
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Re: Stores with wedding shoes?

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    i got my shoes at saks. you can get them anywhere they have bridal and salon shoes in most department stores.
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    A department sote like Nordstrom, Saks or Macy's would be helpful. These days brides don't necessarily stick to white and ivory anymore, so any kind of colour would work. Also, keep in mind that boutiques will probably upmark the shoes, so that's the last place I'd go to see shoes.

    If you are still venturing, I'd say Miracle Mile.
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    I actually had the exact same problem as you! I'm too scared to buy them online!

    although www.zappos.com does allow for free shipping to you and free shipping back to you if they don't fit.

    I actually had a hard time finding white/ivory shoes.

    I tried
    DSW shoes (ended up buying mine there)
    Off Broadway Shoe warehouse

    I may keep looking just in case I see something else I like before my dress fitting!
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    Stephanie408Stephanie408 member
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    Melissa -  I completely forgot that Saks has a bridal salon in some stores...which one did you go to?  I think Boca has one right?

    Jen - Yeah, that's true,  I know I don't have to go with white or ivory but that's what I want for my dress - I don't think any other colors would look right with mine in particular...

    I've looked at a few department stores but havent found very many of what I'm looking for in whites and ivories, so I figured a bridal salon that has a good shoe selection would be my next best bet. 

    You're right, I figured Miracle Mile would probably be a good place to start...hopefully someone will know of a store in particular that has a good shoe selection!  :)

    Thanks girls! xoxo

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    i had mine ordered. i think it was from tampa? i had tried it on at nordstrom but i wanted to use my saks card lol :) so i went over to saks and the lady ordered it for me. but jen is right about bridal salons they hike up the prices..shop around :)
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    I actually searched online for mine but at places like Payless, Target, Walmart, etc. I found a pair at Target I liked and went and saw them in person to try them on. They were just what I was looking for. They were white with a 2" inch heel. HTH
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