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If you're having an outdoor reception...

what kinds of centerpieces are you using (or did you use)?  All high, all low, or a mixture of high and low centerpieces?  I'm so unknowledgable about flowers and am having a horrible time trying to find pictures of centerpieces that go well with our venue! 

We're getting married at the Deering Estate and having our reception dinner outside in the courtyard.  Our color scheme is turquoise, peach, and cream.  I was thinking of doing half high and half low centerpieces but I've been having trouble trying to find pictures of high centerpieces that go well with the venue.  I definitely don't want anything over the top and also don't want to take away from the natural surroundings.  Was curious about the kinds of centerpieces you girls are using.  If if you have any pictures of the centerpieces that you used (or will use), I would love to see!!! 

Thanks in advance!

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