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Budget Help Please!!!! (Long, Sorry)

Ok, so my complete wedding budget is $16,000. The venue that we are looking at wants to know how much we want to spend on food, beverages & cake. But I have no idea as to how much the "average" price of everything else costs. ie. Flowers, DJ, Photographer, Officiant, Hair/ make-up, & linen/chair rentals (maybe).

So if any of you ladies that have a similar budget could give me an idea, it would be much appreciated.

FI was like just call around to Florists etc.. and see how much they charge. I told him that most places wont give you that info over the phone or that you would probably have to make an appointment. Or they will ask you what your budget is.

Is this true??   Can I just call around and ask prices?? or will they wanna know how much my budget is?

I am so competely lost with the budget. I have to give the Venue our budget soon to reserve our date.

If you don't want to reply in the post, you can email me at cjy2011@ hotmail dot com.   P.S  I'm having a guest list of 72pp. (if that helps).

Thanks so much!!!  Sorry so long.

Re: Budget Help Please!!!! (Long, Sorry)

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    Hi!  I have 58 adults, and 6 kids at my wedding, and my location including food, beverage and cake is about 9k. No, you can't just call a florist, because they need to sit down with you to get ideas of what you want, what types of flowers, large or small centerpieces, etc.  Photographers, videographers, officiants, churches etc you can email or call for their rates.  And always remember, you can negotiate prices. I've negotiated pretty much every aspect of my wedding.  :)
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    I think what would help is decide how much you want to spend per person.  Averages can range from @$75 -$150+ for dinner on a Saturday. Decide how much you want to spend for flowers, dress, photography, video etc.  

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    Well the food part is tricky...for sit down dinner it should be about $50-75 per person (depends on the food you pick and what drinks are included).. Then you can have $100- $150 per person for buffet (again depends on the type of food) ...this price should also include some linens and hopefully tables and chairs I would assume..It would probably be less if they are not... I would ask them to give you offers on different packages with what you want and then see what they quote you and work from there...

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