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If you have a DOC

Do you need to worry about contacting your vendors about anything, or is that the planner responsibility?

If there is something I want to confirm with a vendor?  Do I just tell my DOC to confirm with the vendor, or do I call the vendor up myself?

Re: If you have a DOC

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    If it's the day of the wedding, your DOC should handle it. If it's before the wedding, it's really up to you and your DOC. Some DOCs seem to be willing to help before the wedding but some strictly seem to help only the day of. I'm sure most will be understanding and offer to confirm with vendors prior to the day if you ask them to.

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    efontefont member
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    I agree with Faith. It really depends on the DOC. Mine wants all my contracts and contacts. She will confirm with all of them a week before and will coordinate everything for the day of so I don't have to worry about anything. As of right now though I'm in charge of my vendors and I contact them of I need to change something.

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    naani1326naani1326 member
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    Agree with the ladies! Your DOC needs to handle all that :) but again would depend on the planner I guess
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