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I was just randomly looking at older posts and saw ur wedding date....is it April 9, 2011??!?!!?!? I was gonna get amrried that day but i had to change it because the catholic churches dont marry u between ash wed and easter, so thats why is now in Feb.

and I saw ur e pics in ur bio, are they in Morikami Garden??!?!? I'm taking my epics there this month...I love that place!!!

I know this was kinda random but I had to share!!! =)

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I can't respond on my phone...drives me nuts!!! Im getting married April 16, 2011.  We arent getting married in a church that is why we were able to do it.  We are both Catholic, but not religious enough to do it in a church. (parents were not very happy about it!)

    Yes Morikami! I LOVED IT!! it is so pretty there just to look at and to take pictures is even better! you'll have an amazing time. Enjoy it!!  Glad you asked!! Have a great night!
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