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Give me your best wedding advice!

Hey Knotties,

I am back with a question for the magazine. Tell me:

What is your best wedding tip or secret? We want secrets from our Knotties that you might tell a new bride and something that they might not find anywhere else. Maybe it’s to choose wedding colors that you’ll love in your home so that you can repurpose some of your wedding décor. Or maybe it’s to join the message boards!

Spill your best secrets below and thanks in advance. Your advice is always priceless!

Knot Annie

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Re: Give me your best wedding advice!

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    Do as much planning in the beginning as possible. It really pays off. Also, trust your gut.
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    Ditto Lynette!

    Don't sell ur vision/dream to family/friends trying to control ur day! This is the bride and groom's day. Not anyone else's.

    Make sure that your vendors are on the same page as  you. Communicate your vision and your expectations of them. Let them know EXACTLY what you want.

    Don't fit too much into ur day. Try to be present and enjoy each second. It goes by way too fast!
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    THE BOARDS! Specifically the local boards are a wealth of information. I am planning a Miami wedding from the DC area, and the South Florida board has given me so much help. Moreso than the DC boards (hardly anyone posts on those).

    Also, the less family is involved the better, from the very beginning. I put up the MIL barricade in the beginning and she's respected that boundary very well. 

    Also, don't fall in love with a dress online, chances are the local boutiques won't have it and then your hopes will be dashed when you go shopping. That happened to me this weekend. Stores said they carried Pronovias, and then when I got there they only had TWO. Major fail.
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    twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Plan, plan, plan ahead!!! I've already been engaged for a year and my wedding isn't for another 10 months. The more you can get done in advance, the more time you'll have to enjoy your engagement, and the more money saving opportunities present themselves.

    Go with your gut, and do what you want/like. This day is about you/FI and no one else.
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    So far in my planning I would have to say :
    Always check with other brides on the board to get reviews on vendors. Make sure you know how they operate before you book them
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    Research Research Research!! Do your research on vendors...you may think 1 vendor is giving you an awesome deal but there may be an even better one out there!

    Use the local wedding boards. The girls are going through the exact same thing as you are. They understand your frustrations and your excitements. They will give you great advice, help you choose your wedding colors, let you vent to them, get excited over the tiniest checks that nobody else will care about, and literally be the best support system anyone could ever ask for. 

    Do not leave everything to the last minute. Even if the task seems like it won't take up time, do everything as soon as possible!

    Remember that this is YOURS and YOUR FIANCE's day! You will never be able to please everyone. Do what makes you happy. At the end of the day, if you don't get to put in every detail you wanted, it won't really matter. Nobody will notice. All that matters is you'll be husband and wife!
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    I agree with all the PP. I have some from the day of!
    -Make sure your photog has a must take list. I didnt and Im regretting some of the pics now (Dont have any with my "Mom".
    -Make sure your hair stylist sticks around for a little bit. After a little while something started to hurt and we tried to fix it. We thought it was the veil but it was actuallly the tiara. We wound up putting the veil in too far forward so I dont have mnay pics of my face during the ceremony.
    -Assign tasks to others the few days leading up. I wond up running around like crazy (airport, BJ's, picking up programs.) It was hectic.
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    Im taking notes!!!

    The only thing I want to add is dont take on more DIY projects then you actually have time for..you dont want to end up going crazy last minute worried about putting too many things together..
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    Don't trust vendors who have only been around for less then 2-3 years...They care more about making money then customer service
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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    You must shop around before choosing one vendor...

    Google is your best friend!

    Don't stall on projects...the sooner you do them and finish...the BETTER you feel!!

    make sure that you take time for yourself the day of the wedding....go for a walk, soak in the tub, just take time for you!

    Enjoy your wedding and take it ALL in....it GOES FAST!
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