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How exactly does it work?

How do tastings work? My mom seems to think we just go to dinner at the hotel, and of the ones i have seen on tv its a private sitting and blah blah blah. So those of you who have had one, how does  or did it work for you?

Re: How exactly does it work?

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    My caterer invited me to couple events she went, we crashed a wedding and a company christmas party just recently. It was nice to be catered to personally. She would give us samples of everything we'd like to consider and not others, but to get a feel of her cooking. Im sure others to do it differently, but that's how we did it.
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    We did ours at the beginning of the month, and basically we filled out this form of things we wanted to try that day, and they made small portions of everything for us. And it was ALOT of food but it was tasty!
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    Ive been wondering the same thing and cant wait to read the responses.
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    We just set a date and time based on when the chef was free and not busy... So we went to the venue (Boca Raton Marriott) and just had a bunch of sampler dishes brought out to us. We picked our selections and that was it!
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    I actually just scheduled my tasting today. Basically we will go to the venue (JW Marriot) and the chef will cook the appetizers, salad, and entree for us and we need to select which one we like best for our guest.

    I would say to contact your caterer and asked them how they go about their tasting and how far in advance you would have to set it up. GL!
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    Yup... like everyone else who is using a hotel... pick a date. We are giving our guests a choice of 2 entrees... so they prepared 2 different versions each of fish and chicken. We had 6 different hors dourves to try, 2 salads and a ton of desserts (we're doing an viennese table along with the cake). Then you just pick what you like best. If you don't like anything, they'll try again.
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    My venue is a restaurant, and I've eaten there before and know that everything tastes amazing. However, we're still having a tasting, where the choices that we want served will be prepared for us so we can try everything and make sure we like it. The restaurant doesn't usually open until 4PM, and our tasting will be before then, so we'll be one on one with the coordinator, chef, etc.
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    Set up a date first.  When we got there, they set up a table in their cafe area, a smaller version of how it would look on the day of the wedding with the  white china charger and glasses.  They poured us glasses of the red and white wine we will have served at dinner, which was nice to taste.  The server brought us 1 full size dish and then samplers for the rest of us.  Our venue coordinator took notes on what we liked and didn't.  We had preselected the salads, proteins, sauces and sides in advance.  At the end, we chose what we wanted and met the chef and general manager of the hotel.  It was a really lovely experience. 
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    My daughter is getting married at Jacaranda Country Club.  They do their taste testings on nights they have weddings going on.  We had a private tasting in the room they use for the cocktail hour.  One of the catering managers was our server and he was very attentive.  We got to taste several different appetizers (which we had selected in advance), a bunch of salads, and 4 different entrees.  We got each course as the wedding guests were being served.  Everything was delicious and we had so much fun!  We went with my daughter, her fiance, and his mother, so there were 4 of us.  That way we had a wide variety of opinions on the food.  We asked a lot of questions about how they run things and got to see how the room was set up.  Then we met with him later in the week and picked our menu.
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