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Florida-South Florida

Caterers (feedback needed)

Okay, so I've gotten quotes from the companies listed below.  The ones with asterisks FI and I met with or spoke to on the phone.  None of which wowed me. I know they've all probably done a million weddings, and this kind of thing doesn't phase them, but their nonchalant attitudes are really starting to bug me. I'm not saying that I want them to kiss my @ss or anything, but I do expect some level of enthusiasm from my vendors.  

FI and I need to make a decision soon since invites will be going out in about a month. So, before I go making appointments with the other companies, I wanted to get feedback from you all who have had experience with them (good or bad). You can message me if you don't feel comfortable giving your opinion on the board. 

Thanks in advance!  I really appreciate your help. :)

A. Alexander*
Boca Joe's*
Chez Gourmet
Howard's Catering*
Hugh's Catering
Joy Wallace 
Lenore Nolan Ryan
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