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Key West Wedding? Hyatt vs. Old Town Manor?....saving on catering?

Hi All! I'm newly engaged and looking for help on planning my Key West wedding. We are aiming for 60 - 75 people for Feb. 2013 celebration. We are planning on having a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Mary Star of the Sea. Now we are looking for a reception venue that is fun and won't break the bank.  What is a better option? Should I do the reception at a hotel like the Hyatt or Ocean Key which is a one-stop shop  (food, AV, alcohol) Or should I pick a venue with more flexibility like the Old Town Manor  where you can bring your own alcohol and choose your own caterer? How much do you actually save when you can choose outside catering companies and bring in your own alcohol? Is it too much work for a bride far away from Key West to try to juggle all these elements and find different vendors?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  THANKS!!

Re: Key West Wedding? Hyatt vs. Old Town Manor?....saving on catering?

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    My daughter is getting married in Key West April 2013.  One of the details that we found very important in deciding on a venue is noise ordinances.  Some venues required the reception to end by 10 pm.  If you are planning a sunset ceremony, it doesn't leave much time.  Since your wedding is before the time change, you have a little more leeway, but make sure to ask about noise restrictions.  We ended up deciding on a hotel (Casa Marina) because we didn't want the stress of managing the many details involved in a different type of venue.
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    In my opinion, you typically come to the same amount of money no matter which route you go-- give or take a bit.

    It really boils down to what you prefer. Would you rather not have to worry about picking and interviewing vendors OR would you rather get more control of the situation?

    If you are happy to let a hotel worry about the "tough stuff" (vendors, set up, logistics, etc), I'd go with a hotel. If you want more of a hand in the planning or are extra controlling like me (lol), I'd go with a venue that allows you to bring in your own vendors.

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    I juggled with the idea of doing everything separate but when it came down to it we went with the convenience of a restaurant. Hyatt and Old Town Manor both look gorgeous! (didn't check the other)... but keep in that the little things do add up when doing it separate and sometimes comes out to the same price. Old Town Manor does look like they do events all the time, but I would hire a planner (another thing to add). Like Faith said, it would be more planning on your part to do things separate. HTH :)
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    I am getting married in July at The Reach Resort in Key West. They have very affordable menus for all budgets. Good luck!
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