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Your favourite vendor: (YES! PICK ONE!)

Your least favourite vendor: (Meaning not that you hate them, just the one that you love ... least)

The vendor that got away: (You thought of booking them but they were out of budget, already booked, etc.)

Your "I'm so glad I booked them!" vendor:


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    Favorite: Its got to be my venue Boca Renaissance. I have been emailing Michelle there like crazy the last couple weeks. Ive also been in constant touch since we booked them last June.
    Least Favorite: My florist. At first she was really good but now shes not  returning calls and has an attitude!
    One that Got Away: Karen Lisa...I couldnt afford her but I LOVED her work that she did for Alissa.
    Glad I Booked: I have 2. One is Fotos R Fun...Greg is awesome and so helpful. He always gets back to me right away and I cant wait to see what happens in the photo booth. The other is Crystal Fielding...I LOVE my epics and shes so easy going. I needed someone that I knew could take charge of our wild group and I think she can.
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    Favorite Vendor: Jonathan Nimerfroh (JDN Photography) love him.

    Least Favorite Vendor: My videographer

    The vendor that got away: BlueShore Productions...they were booked 2 years ago when I got engaged! Really? damnit!

    I'm so glad I booked them vendor!: Dalsimer Florist
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    Your favourite vendor: Jackie Ohh. It is so refreshing to talk to her, I am seriously obsessed with my wedding planner. She's amazing!

    Your least favourite vendor: Um ... I'm not exploding in love

    The vendor that got away: It was ALMOST Sylvia Weinstock. And Belvedere. But I switched, because now I know what I would have ended up with had I stuck with Doyle :|

    Your "I'm so glad I booked them!" vendor: Jackie again lol. Belvedere, too!
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    Jeni10cscJeni10csc member
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    Your favourite vendor: (Manolo Doreste of InFocus Studios - HANDS DOWN!

    Your least favourite vendor: I don't really have a "least favorite" ... I just have a FAVORITE

    The vendor that got away: AVANT GARDENS - I loved Rick and I felt Rick loved me and my mom and my sis too. I just couldn't get myself (or my parents) to spend on flowers.

    Your "I'm so glad I booked them!" vendor: Marylen Exposito - My DOC ... she hasn't officially started her time with me but we keep in touch and she's so awesome and helpful.
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    Your favourite vendor: Bobs Bunz for dessert- easiest vendor ever. For reals.

    Your least favourite vendor: Paella Party. The food is awesome, but their response time is terrible (if they respond at all) and there is a severe lack of communication between the ones in charge.

    The vendor that got away: 1313 boutique- Ashley. I would have killed to have her at our wedding but she was already booked when I inquired. =(

    Your "I'm so glad I booked them!" vendor: DJ- He's so easy going that I know he's going to make all the music easy.
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    Favorite vendor: Jennifer J Events!!! I have noooo idea where I'd be without her!

    Least favorite vendor: if I had to pick one, it'd be J Del Olmo, the salon where I got my dress... they ordered the wrong veil and didn't order an applique for my dress, but hopefully they'll fix all of this pronto

    Vendor that got away: none yet! I was thinking I wasn't going to get Blueshore, but thankfully I did! :)

    "I'm so glad I booked them" Vendor: Gregory Paul (i'm obsessed with our e-pics) andddd Jennifer J Events obviously :)
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    hollie1113hollie1113 member
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    I heart polls :)

    Your favourite vendor: Stephanie Sokol, our photographer. Simply AMAZING. That's all :)

    Your least favourite vendor: hmm, don't really have a "least" favorite, but I guess if I HAD to chose, it would be our florist? I dunno. We are with J. Morgan, and she's great, but FI and I decided waaaaay early on that the florist was a vendor we would cut from if we were over budget (which we are...shocker!), so she gets this- not because she's AT ALL bad- but because we haven't really been super involved in the whole flower thing. yet. :)

    The vendor that got away: I used to think it was Ashley from 13:13 (she was our first "choice", but was booked already on our date (over a year in advance), but now that we've worked with Stephanie and seen the results, that's defintely not the case.  I still love Ashley's work, but am so happy to have

    Your "I'm so glad I booked them!" vendor: Shannon from Liquid DJ's.  He was fabulous when we met him, and I have never read even a semi bad review on him....so excited....we are serious music/dance people, and can't wait to see how he rocks our wedding!!
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