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Rental House for Wedding Reception?

Hi all!  I am just starting to plan and am loving The Knot.  I have a question for everyone – do you know of any rental houses in or around Miami (Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, etc. are also fine) that it is possible to rent out for a big event – like a wedding?  I have two coworkers who got married at a rental house in Key Largo - but they had small weddings and I am not sure it is big enough for mine (around 150).   I love the idea – it cuts down on costs to be able to select all my own vendors, I could possibly host the rehearsal dinner there as well, and there is no specific time the guests have to leave.  But, I haven’t found anywhere yet (other than that one place in Key Largo) that I can rent for a wedding!  If you all know of anywhere, I would love to know.  Thanks!!

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