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Father and FFIL Ties

My father and future father in law are wearing suits. Both dark gray.

My colors are light blue and creme and white.

My mom picked out my dad's suit shirt and tie for him to wear and he is wearing blue to go with the colors.

My fiance's father wants to wear a red tie. I am not sure if this is a no no or is it ok?
Are the father's supposed to match the colors of the wedding scheme?

What are your fathers and ffil"s doing?

Re: Father and FFIL Ties

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    My father will be dressed almost identical to the GM. FFIL I'm not sure because I have never had any communication with him (I've been with FI for 6.5 years and have never met him), and we don't even know if he'll make it to the wedding.
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    I told my father to wear sivler ties and tie they want any shade but silver to match the Mothers that are wearing silver gowns. The BM and GM are wearing purple.
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    Are the father's supposed to match the mothers?
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