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Spray tanning recs

So I'm thinking of getting a spray tan a few days before the wedding. I'm mortified of looking orange but it's not like I have time to go lay on the beach.

Anyone has any recs?


Re: Spray tanning recs

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    Tan towels - They are absolutely amazing you can do them yourself. They look super natural and you decide the type of tan you would like!! 
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    OMG.. I tried the tan towel and in certain parts I did come out orangy... Suggestions on how to make it better??
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    Forever Tan in Brickell....suggestion...get the clear (when it drys it is darker).  My daughter did it right before her engagement party and it gave her a really nice color. HTH!
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    i do versa spa spray tanning at coppertan & i love it!
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    where are you located ..... bc i get airbrushed at a place in miramar ... i absolutely love it and the woman is sooooooooooooooooo sweet who does it 
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    I just got one at Scrub & Tan in Delray the other day.  They scrub you down then a person (guy) spray tans you.  Their products are all natural and made from food so no harsh chemicals at all.  I'm on day 3 now and it looks amazing!!!  It's also not awkward at all to have a guy (the owner) to do it since he makes you feel comfortable and he does this all the time.

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    Hello :)

    Congrats on your wedding!! I have a recommendation- Tanning Lounge in Davie. It is owned by an engaged couple and the girl that sprays you (the owner) is the sweetest woman ever! It is very reasonable, I think its $35 and it lasts! It also looks very natural! I would suggest going two days before, not showering the day you get it (after) so it sets really nice, and then you can shower two more times before the big day. 

    Tanning Lounge
    (954) 680-6411

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    SoBe tan in Kendall -- they have booths (which I don't recommend) and airbrush.

    Airbrush is pricey at $50.
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    I'm located close to the Sawgrass Mall.....

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm definitely checking out these places, I want to be tanned for the beach honeymoon too....lol, almost doesn't make sense but I don't like tanning in the sun anymore!
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    Where in Miramar do you go?
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    Not sure if this place is great or not, but they are having a deal  =D

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    I second Tanning Lounge! I got my spray tan there before my bridal shower and I loved it! The owner is super sweet! Here's a pic to proove I wasn't orange :) 
    (I'm to the far left in white.. obviously :) 

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