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Music Poll

1. Do you have any songs that are absolutely on your DO NOT PLAY list? If so which ones?

2. Name the top 5 songs you are giving you dj to play at your reception.

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    1. Must not play songs:

    Anything by Akon. I hate him. Oh, and Taylor Swift, unless the band/DJ wants the bride in tears. Do not get me wrong, I actually like her, but if one of her songs plays, I cry, done. Weird? Yeah, but I can't help it.

    2. Top 5 songs:

    Yeah! by Usher (I know, I know, but it was my prom song, it has meaning!)
    Won't go into specifics because they're probably not very known songs, but a couple by DLG, some salsa, Juan Luis Guerra, etc.
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    1) Must not play:
    Fireflies by Owl City, Most country, the electric slide

    2) Haven't gotten that far yet.
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    Do not play - YMCA, etc

    5 songs

    Empire state of mind - Jay Z
    Beggin - Madcon
    Off the Wall - Michael Jackson
    Get it shawty - Lloyd
    She loves me - Serani

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    Jeni10cscJeni10csc member
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    nothing country, nothing hard rock

    Lots of Juan Luis Guerra - for sure bilirrubina
    Let's get married remix - jagged edge
    Empire state of mind (it only makes sense since I live in NY)
    Yellow Ledbetter Pearl Jam - It's my FI's alltime fave song so I'm going to surprise him with it
    And I definitely need some 80s rock, freestyle and uncle al in the mix!

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    avee10avee10 member
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    Must not play unless the DJ wants me to beat him up with my bouquet:

    YMCA, electric slide, I will survive, or any other song with dancing instructions.

    Must Play:  There are several salsa and merengue that absolutely must be played mostly Joe Arroyo and Juan Luis Guerra songs.
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