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Spanish Song for Money Dance

Hey gals,

sorry ive been MIA with the wedding next week and holidays its hard getting on!

so i dont know what songs to put for the money dance and in spanish i dont know

any rec's

thanks girls
happy holidays

Re: Spanish Song for Money Dance

  • Kitty315Kitty315 member
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    edited December 2011
    Africando - Yaye Boy (my favorite!)
    Hermanos Rosario - Moviendo La Cadera
    NG2 - Ella Menea
    Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan (or anything by Tito Puente, really)
    Juan Luis Guerra - La Bilirrubina

    Maybe you can try listening to 95.7 or 98.3 for an hour or so and see what they play.. GL!
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