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Pre-Marital Counselling?

For those of you guys doing PMC, I have some questions. I've been calling and calling around, but I am not having much luck and I'm starting to cut it close.

Who are you using?
How did you find him or her?
Is there a cost involved??
How long is it?
What have you learned that you think will benefit you most?

Thanks my lovlies!!
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Re: Pre-Marital Counselling?

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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    a few months before we got engaged...Garrett and I went to couples counseling...we were going through a rough patch and this something we both wanted.....we are so glad we did it...we are stronger than ever going into our 7 year anniversary...

    so with that...we don't feel we need the PMC...

    we both have government insurance...so we have a plan in our insurance for 6 free sessions
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    This is a good idea...maybe we should do this too!
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    I havent found someone that I can afford so we are doing it on our own with the books from the movie Fireproof. They have a premarital set.
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    Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    we're not doing one but the catholic church makes your do and engagement encounter and a FOCCUS program so Im pretty sure those maybe similiar to PMC
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    Who are you using? Two Married Ministers from our church
    How did you find him or her? Our church program
    Is there a cost involved??It was free at our church
    How long is it? It was 5 hours
    What have you learned that you think will benefit you most?That we can apply old school traditions to our new school love, and not feel bad about it!
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    Rob and I are seeking out couples counseling too.  We've been looking in Orlando and its going to cost us about 100 bucks per session. We're going to have to cut back (i'm not working this summer and enrolled in grad school full time) Therefore money is tight.. however we have to go. Everyone has issues, and we do too.. especially his Mother. :) 
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    allik1981allik1981 member
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    We are doing this, but we lucked out - our rabbi is also a premarital councelor.  So to also answer your question, we don't have to pay an extra money, we're paying him to officiate our wedding and the counceling is also included. We have about 40 minute Skype talks every other week.  My FI is not the most open person, he doesn't like to let his feelings out or talk about them at all and its very beneficial in that the Rabbi asks us questions about how we feel and makes us both talk about it, so my FI has actually become a little more open.
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    in order to get married at my church they have a full day session as a a requirement. its $150.
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    tiffanym76tiffanym76 member
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    Hi ladies!

    I am a marital and family therapist. I used to live in South Florida but am currently living out of state for the next year....

    About finding a marriage and family therapist- one of the main websites ALL LICENSED and EXPERIENCED couples and family therapists must be listed on is www.aamft.org and go to the "therapistlocator.net" link on the left side of the page. Also, the aamft.org site gives you detailed information about what marriage and family therapy is and other important information.

    FOCCUS and PREP are great premarital workshops, however, please be informed that "therapists" who are able to provide the FOCCUS and PREP workshops may not necessarily be as qualified as a licensed clinician/therapist.

    A licensed therapist in Florida will have "LMFT" after their name to indicate their full credentials.

    Another point, there is also another website for premarital education, marital/couples cruises, retreats, workshops, and therapy at www.smartmarriages.com. I love this site too.

    Also, if any of you are looking for a "discount" for therapy services, also feel free to contact the Brief Therapy Institute at Nova Southeastern University. (I was/am a doctoral student in their program). They have doctoral marital and family therapy students under direct supervision of an experienced licensed clinician too and the cost can be quite less. They follow a brief therapy model and typically therapy only lasts UP TO 12 sessions.

    Anyone interested in "short" therapy sessions should ask/inquire about "brief therapy" and/or "solutions focused therapy." That is a particular couples/premarital/family therapy model that typically entails 12 or fewer sessions

    I hope this information is beneficial for you all in your search for a premarital/marital therapist.

    Marital and Family Therapist

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