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Checking In - Updates: Invites, Bouquets, Dress & Veil Fitting (little long, sorry!!! but PIP so

Hi Ladies,

It's been too long since I've updated, so I will try to keep this brief. Surgery has been a bitch to recover from... 3 weeks and I am barely able to walk without crutches, Also... I am fighting off a sinus infection turned into a cold... I am miserable, but I hid it VERY well today.

We were supposed to do invites today with 2 of my 3 MOH's (one lives out of state)... but guess who forgot to finish printing the RSVP post cards? Yep... ME! So I have to do this project all by myself next week, damnit! I can't believe I forgot that! Oh well... Had a great day with my girls anyway...

Finished ALL bouquets except mine. Well... 95% done anyway... I ran out of white ribbon for tying the stems... so will be done soon. Another trip to Michaels... God Help me! But anywhoo.... They look so pretty. I am very happy with them. My girls seemed VERY happy with them, they gushed so much I was getting teary eyed!

We tried on my dress today because I needed to know if I was a fat cow or not. Hehehe for a week after the surgery ALL I ATE WAS ICE CREAM and I managed to lose 2 pounds! Anyhow... I wanted to make sure my dress still fit or if I needed to start crazy dieting or anything before I went to see Reina in August. 

She fit like a glove. Granted Megan didn't lace me up like an Iron Maiden (totally not sure if the reference even fits, but it sounded good) because I can barely stand without my crutches... but it fits beautifully and is actually even a little looser in the bust than it was 3 months ago, so YAY!!! 

Also, I wanted to see if my veil looked ok with the dress. I was afraid it might look a little busy as it has rhinestones, pearls AND a satin trimmed edge... but we were very happy with my $11 (YES, that's ELEVEN dollar veil from E-Bay!)

Whatcha think Ladies? (2 more pics in my bio... and they are bigger so you can see my messy house in better detail... lol)


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Re: Checking In - Updates: Invites, Bouquets, Dress & Veil Fitting (little long, sorry!!! but PIP so

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