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Tranportation Advice....Several Questions

Okay ladies, here's the nitty gritty.  The day before the wedding, I'm treating my girls to a spa day and giving them their gifts.  I'm renting out a hotel room for us to stay at the hotel since we will need the hair and mua to come early to get us ready in time. 

We have three locations for our day:
1) Getting ready at hotel
2) Ceremony at church
3) Reception at golf club

I was going to get a RR for my dad and I to ride in from the hotel to the church, then have photo/video capture my arrival with dad, then after the ceremony using the same RR to take FI and I to the recpetion. 

With that in mind, would I have to RENT a limo just for the rest of the bridal party?  Is that expected?  Or can I ask them to drive (or maybe carpool) together to the ceremony and venue?

Another question, what are you doing to ensure you've got that "JUST MARRIED" sign up on the car when you leave the ceremony?   Any advice/thoughts are greatly appreciated.  I didn't know if we could get one of those window paint markers to write it out on a rental...

TIA ladies!!!

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Re: Tranportation Advice....Several Questions

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    I would LOVE to have knotties at my wedding...or even better the BACHELORETTE PARTY!!! I'm sure you girls can throw down and party hard!!! ;c)  xxox
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    I've seen two different scenarios...

    1. The bride did rent the limo for the bridal party and she rode in the RR as you described above. But the limo only took the bridal party to the ceremony, on the way back, the girls jumped in friends' or family cars. So that may save on costs in some way since it's a one way ride.

    2. The bride rented a limo and used that to transport her, her father and girls to the ceremony, and after the ceremony she left in the limo with FI and everyone else jumped in friends' vehicles.

    My only concern with having the girls carpool from the hotel to the ceremony is parking. Since some hotels charge for each time the car is taken in and out of the hotel. But if it's not a lot, your girls don't mind, and it works, then do it! As a BM I wouldn't expect the transportation but would find it annoying to have to pay each time.
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    I would rent the limo just for peace of mind...this way you can ensure nobody's running late, gets lost, gets into an accident, etc.
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    Normally the bridal party has limo transportation provided. Thats just been my experience. My friend did the RR and did what you are planning. Picked them up from the hotel and took her and her dad to her church and then took her husband and her to the reception. Her father went in a limo with the guys. While the girls had their own limo.
    I would'nt worry about having a "just married" sign unless you ask the limo co to do it.
    Mostly transportation is provided like a limo to the bridal party so everyone is in the same place at the same time, and so everyone can drink!
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