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B-Party Question... and updated bio/blog

Hello ladies! 
I updated my blog and bio with some new pics! Check it out :)

So, my MOH was asking me what I'd eventually like to do for the B-party and I'm a little torn. 

I was thinking of going to Orlando for the weekend. We can enjoy the pool at the hotel, maybe go to a theme park, and at night we can go to Downtown Disney or Universal's Citywalk. 

OR.... a weekend at the Keys sounds nice and relaxing, but what else is there to do there but lay out in the sun?

(PS. One of my bridesmaids is under 21. So we'd have to find places that allow 18+)

Re: B-Party Question... and updated bio/blog

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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    my B-Party is Labor Day weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel.  relaxing during the day....bar hopping and fun at night.  No driving needed.  Its perfect
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    Hey Dee mine is labor day weekend too! :) Your plan sounds really good... maybe we should change mine. :)

    We are going to Chili's to get our drink on... then hitting Pineapples (a piano bar... which I LOOOOVE) and then ending up at my favorite bar... Renegades...
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    1. I LOVE your e-pics! So beautiful
    2. I LOVE your monogram/invites
    3. I take belly dancing classes and my teacher who is an awesome belly dancer offered to belly dance for free at my wedding. I wasn't sure how I would incorporate it but after reading your bio and seeing that you are having one during dinner...I think I may do that too!!
    4. I also have the problem with one of my MOH's being under 21, and one of my BM's being under 21 so I'm not sure what we're going to do!
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    MariMac84MariMac84 member
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    D + Jen - I wouldn't mind staying around town close to home, but FI is taking a weekend trip with the guys for his B-party. I thought it was a good idea, so it made me want to too. lol

    Gabi - 
    1. Thank you. <3 Yours are gorgeous! 
    We have another shoot in Sept. (can't wait!)
    2.Thank you again! lol My poppa designed it <3
    3. Yay for belly dancers! During dinner was the only time I could think of having it. I'm glad to have helped!
    4. I dunno either. =/  I'm not a big fan of clubs so maybe we'll just go to s few bars or lounges that allow 18+.
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    Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    My b-party was at the Hardrock, it was great. We layed out, went out and all.
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    Hey great little checks this weekend! Also, wanted to share with you about my fsil b-party last year.  She lives in Orlando, so we drove up there and about 15 girls stayed in a 2 bedroom suite with full kitchen for the weekend.  Friday night we rented a party bus and went to downtown orlando. We had a blast!!! We got in everywhere for free and drinks were given to us all night whereever we went.  They have amazing clubs there!!! saturday we spent the day at the pool, then we went to universal city walk.  We had more fun at downtown orlando, but city walk is also fun!  We had a blast we still talk about it lol!

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    for my b-day i have NO idea either..my girls want to go down to the Kyes..theres alot of bars and tsuff there you can all go to since some are also resturants so i dont see a problem with the 21 ...some bars of course wont allow it...they also have ALOT of museums and stuff to go see during the day so its cool..

    We might alos do the Hard Rock but thats only if FI donest go..

    Or of course just rent at South Beach and do the traditional beach during the day and some wet willis...and club/bar hopping thing there and party at the room... :)


    love your pics of course ur a doll!
    and the belly dancing thing is super fun..my sil diid it for my nephews babyshower during the lunch (i know wierd but since my family and hers are both middle eastern so she did it at a lebanese resturant and it was really cool) so we are thinking of having the girl do my wedding during the dinner too! :)
    (dont worry I wont ask whos doing ur i know i know its the same day LOL)

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