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last minute items...

Im almost there, about to get to the single digits...aaaaaahhh!

Anywayz I was still dealing with ridiculous drama from my friends on saturday. My bridal shower was Sunday and I had such a good time, too many mimosas though so out the window went the whole waiting a month before the wedding lol.

Anyways... Sunday I also had my hair and make up trial, the hair came out great, the makeup came out good too, I'm just not use to using a lot of it. Facebook her Cristal Dreams, super cool person and has been very helpful. I started enjoying the wedding process again Sunday spending it with my girls and watching our my family with his interact (there was tiny issues, of course involving my wonderful FBIL). We got so many gifts and things keep coming to my house. I can't believe how generous and supportive people are being =)

Things are coming so nicely, my venue is allowing us a whole extra hour early to set up, my caterer is super happy about that. I made the reservation with a rental company for tables and chairs and the lady was sooo nice and helpful and everything came out suuuuper cheap (then again I am using regular plastic chairs). She also said they help set up so that a HUGE plus. The only bump we hit is the cake, my aunt went out of town and was suppose to come back 2 weeks ago. And she got really sick. But she says she can still make the cake, I contacted a back up lady just in case, but suprisingly I didn't freak out.

Thanx for allowing me to share my progress, I hope I am not a missing anything
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Re: last minute items...

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    Wow! You're coming along nicely!!!
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    glad to hear your shower went well!
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    Congrats! You're getting very close! Sounds like everything is falling into place :)

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